Things take a lot longer to process and feel than we give ourselves time for. We’re still experiencing that first night in the hospital with Olivia. When they handed me my baby who I thought was dead… I didn’t process that then - I was just surviving - I’m processing it now.

Culture-wise, I feel alien about this. I feel like I must be pretty messed up to be so slow at processing what seems to take others only weeks or days.

The truth is that no one can process as fast as we’ve learned we should. So instead we’ve learned to ignore, to stuff it down, cover it up, skip over, and quickly move to the next item. “Process” is not a luxury we allow for ourselves.

But life is a process!

Life has a way of taking over and forcing us to process down the road if we won’t do it now. Rather than letting that be the pattern - avoiding and avoiding until Life forces us back - we should accept Life’s lesson and learn to become present and part of the process of our own life.

Life is a Process