This week I’ve been noticing how much “have to” is attached to my singing. I’m discovering what that pressure does to me, and how wonderful it feels to begin letting it go. I believe this exploration goes way beyond singing. I’m so excited to share this with you and to hear your thoughts…

The way I’ve been exploring this is by not forcing myself to use certain notes while singing. Before starting the attached recording I told myself, “you don’t have to sing a single note; you can talk through the whole song if you want to.” It’s amazing how hard it was to accept that freedom. There were a few times I was able to, and it felt wonderful… I felt a part of me saying, “thank you, thank you.”

I’m sharing this recording with you—a glimpse into my personal practice, and a part of me I’ve never been willing to share before—as a way to deepen my practice, but also because I want to know if/how this resonates with you.

I’m not asking, “what do you think about my singing,” but rather, “as you experience my exploration of this, does anything in you emerge or resonate with a similar longing?” Yours may or may not manifest in singing; it may have something to do with another facet of your Voice.

Letting Go of "Have To"s

practicing using my voice without rules (recording attached)