The need invites the means.

Our goal should not be to eliminate need.

Everything of value has a cost. I tend to focus my energy on reducing cost. But I find that this ends up reducing things of value in my life. How little can I survive on? Is this the question I want to drive me?

The motivation to reduce cost by eliminating need comes from fear — an attempt to avoid risk.

The truth is that I can afford $10 million, if I want to afford it. If I'm willing to take on the risk, responsibility, and reward of whatever would cost $10 million.

And this shines light on a deeper need than money: I need courage.

Courage to feel risk.
Courage to have a need.
And courage to receive.

The need invites the means.

The universe seems to rise to meet our need, but only once the need has arisen. Not before.

I believe this is the personality of God, but I like "the universe" because it includes God's system — creation, nature, people, culture, ocean, time, space, physics — rather than just my mental picture of God, which is not actually God.

And this phenomenon of the means waiting to arise until the need has arisen, and the need arising only when I've actually accepted the risk... that is faith.

Faith works in order.
Faith is natural law.

Therefore, that challenging thing in front of you — the one you thought of just now...

Trust that it is going to work out.
Your needs will be met.
Just take the next step.

Just take the next step

The need invites the means