When you’re in your car and you’re singing your brains out, it’s just you and God.

When you’re sitting on a hill and watching the sunset, it’s just you and God.

When you’re staring into the dark in the middle of the night and praying for some sign that you’re not alone, it’s just you and God.

But when you walk into a room with 100 or 10,000 people and you add your voice to their voice as you cry out together for God to act, it’s not just you and God. Yet, how many times have we heard that phrase thrown out from the stage at church - “ignore the person next to you - it’s just you and God”. No. It’s not. It’s literally not. Look around - there’s like hundreds of other people in plain sight. And thank God that there are because I find that God speaks louder through people and in the context of community than He does when we’re isolated.

Let’s stop wasting what’s unique about Church by all showing up and then ignoring each other.

Next time you go to church, look for people. Look at them. Acknowledge that you’re in a room with a bunch of other people who have the same struggles and temptations and frustrations and doubts you have. Enjoy not being alone. Accept love and support and prayer from them. Come expecting to give love and support and to pray for them.

There are times to be alone with God. Church is not one of those times.

It's *Not* Just You and God