“People think this won’t work, but they’re just resistant to change - they’ve tried this at xyz and it does work.” Sure enough, we go out on a limb and try it and it does work. From my perspective, that’s a huge win. Venturing out on the limb and taking some risk is a valuable practice. But look at the above statement again. The implied priority is on things “working”.

I think we need to stop asking “will it work?” and start asking “is it best?”.

Lots of things work. Only one thing is best.

We’re past our fear of failure and we’re out there taking risks. Great! But let’s not skip the step where we make a judgement about the value of outcome of each step we take and its long-term implications. We’re not in this to make things work. We’re in it to make a difference.

It works. But is it best?