When we practice yoga, we're essentially putting ourselves in challenging positions so that we can grow.

The pose at the surface — the pose that can be seen — is not the point. But it creates an opportunity for growth within us.

Choosing this as a practice is in a way choosing to parter with life. Life has a way of challenging us so that we can grow.

And just like a yoga pose, life's challenges are not the point. Some of us, in an attempt to rise to the challenge, can become addicted to being challenged. We can make "the pose" our focus instead of allowing it to be a space for deeper growth within, never arriving at the place where we have found ease within the challenge.

On the other hand, life's challenges are not something to be avoided. Like yoga, some can decide to skip it altogether. This, again, places emphasis on the pose. "I can't do yoga; I'm not flexible enough..." We can spend our life avoiding challenges and the discomfort we imagine they'll bring, and therefore miss an opportunity to grow. But life has a way of bringing challenges into our life that we can no longer ignore. This isn't life "trying to get us;" it's life being patient with us, inviting us to grow.

In any case, in life and in yoga, the pose is not the point.

Once you've "achieved" a certain pose, you have not arrived.

There is no arriving, because you are already here. You are already you.

The point of these poses, and life's challenges, is to give us a space to practice — not an outer pose, but an inner release.

A space to practice letting go.

In Yoga and In Life

it's not about the pose