I’m so scared of the future.

I’m scared my daughter will die. I’m scared I’ll never amount to anything professionally. I’m scared my kids will be embarrassed of me. I’m scared I’ll get sick and not be able to take care of my family. I’m scared I’ll be forgotten.

I know I’m not alone. So many of us are scared to the point of paralyzation. Ironically, this paralyzation is exactly what brings our list of scary scenarios into being. Fear is the real enemy, not the scenarios.

I believe the greatest battle I’m fighting, and my generation and my culture is fighting, is against fear. And fear has been crushing us. Something has to change.

We don’t beat fear by working 80 hour weeks. We don’t beat fear by watching 8 hours of TV per day. We don’t beat fear by getting control over everything and everyone in our life. We don’t beat fear by buying things. We don’t beat fear by moving to a safer neighborhood. We don’t beat fear by planning. We don’t beat fear by winning.

These aren’t ways to beat fear - they’re ways to run from it, and they don’t work. You can’t outrun something you’re holding onto. There’s only one way to beat fear.

We beat fear by letting go of it. Fear doesn’t grip us, we grip it.

“Let go of your fear” sounds simple but feels impossible. That’s because we’ve allowed ourselves to fear without restriction for so long. It’s a drug. A habit. A vice. We have to quit, or it will continue to kill us and every generation that follows us. It would love nothing more - not to kill our physical body, but to distract us our entire life until we look back and realize we were too afraid to live. Fear’s job is to render us useless. A resigned person is much less powerful than a dead one.

We can’t afford to fear anymore. Our community can’t afford it. Our kids and their kids can’t afford it.

As hard as it’s going to be, this is the generation that will stop holding on to their fear. This is the generation that will sacrifice fear and develop a discipline of trust. A trust in God, in each other, and in the self that God created. To be able to say at any given moment, “I am ok. I have what I need and I have what it takes. I am able to give because I don’t need anything I don’t already have.”

I'm so scared of the future.