Neither are lower thirds. Flying titles. Surround sound. Papyrus font.

At one point (sometime around 1993 I think) PowerPoint transitions impressed people. It got their attention. We realized it, so we started using visual and technological pizzazz in business presentations and commercials and church services. The tactic was: **Impress people and they’ll listen to you.**

The principle is still true. But people aren’t impressed by our slideshows anymore. They haven’t been for a while. In fact, they’ve developed a filtering mechanism to block out that sort of thing.

I’m not just talking about poorly done PowerPoint slideshows. I’m talking about well-done After Effects intros to sermons. Flash websites. HD video screens. Carefully crafted dramatic musical transitions between songs.

They’re not impressed.

In my experience, what impresses people now is something **real**. An honest comment. A song about pornography addiction written and sung by a struggling person. A flub. A smudge. They’re looking *through* our high definition material for something real.

We’re wasting a lot of time polishing negligible content. It worked in 1993. People are smarter now. Give them some credit. Give them what they want. They want you (the real you).

Share that with them and you’ll have their attention again.

HD Isn't The Future