This week was challenging in more ways than one. Amidst the challenges of it, I’ve been reminded of an ever-growing picture in my mind: of growth.

Not only my own growth — I am growing — but of my growth is a part of a larger growing that is happening in humanity. WE are growing.

It doesn’t always look or feel like growth.

When our kids were very young, we noticed how they would suddenly, seemingly learn a new skill immediately after being sick for a few days.

In my relationships (especially marriage), many huge jumps in relational growth have come right after a very difficult moment, or season.

As a musician, my biggest breakthroughs have come right after a moment where I questioned my decision to even try to be a musician.

“The night is darkest just before the dawn.”

This week… The past couple of years… It has been dark. So dark. At this point, it might be easy to give up hope — to allow the presence of darkness to overshadow all light.

Don’t give up hope.

Dawn is coming. It is here.

This darkness cannot fool us. In fact, it is a sign to us to look up, not down, to the horizon.

As I type this, I picture us looking up, to the horizon, searching for the rising sun… and then the picture shifts. The sun does not rise on that horizon.

The “horizon,” the line where heaven meets earth, is your heart and mine. It is humanity and creation. Our bodies are a dwelling for God’s Spirit — a conduit for heaven.

The sun is rising, emerging, from our hearts.

I know that seems like a stupid thing to say coming off the end of this week. But that’s my point. I can feel it. Humanity is ready for enormous growth.

“The night is darkest just before the dawn.”

If we can grasp the truth of this, it will change our posture completely.

Things become dark. I can go running into the darkness, scrambling for a light source. Or I can stop and discover the infinite Light ready to emit from my own heart into the world.

I’m becoming increasingly aware that what is happening in my own life is not isolated from what is happening in your life. Or in the Ukraine. Or in Texas. We are all connected, for better or for worse. The happenings of this week and of the past couple of years have happened to, and through, all of us. Likewise, deep healing and growth being made available to us.

“But what do I DO??” …that’s where my mind goes immediately after a statement like that. And I think the answer is: “You don’t have to DO anything. Just BE.”

When the sun rises, it does not need my help. It just comes. So this post is not a call to DO anything. Only to slow down. Take a deep breath. Look up.

Friday May 27, 2022