Friday June 05, 2015

Friday June 05, 2015

Olivia’s having a great couple of weeks. Coming up on 5 months! We don’t even know what to think anymore. So thankful. And a little exhausted. 😴

Heather and I are still learning the same lessons as week one: how do you rest and trust and LIVE fully and confidently when things are completely out of control?

Incidentally, I’ve picked up yoga during this season and the combination of that practice (holding in a difficult position with children trying to knock me down), the parallels in my voice training (singing every note from a position of complete ease and rest), and trying to be a present husband and father in our current circumstance… it’s a rich and seemingly impossible lesson. One I know I’ll be grateful for, later on. :)

Regardless of the lessons, we’re most thankful for another day with our girl, little Olive.

Oh, and I’ve been reading a book about worry which I’m excited to share some stuff from. More to come…