A community of people. Human beings. Not fixing each other. Not controlling each other. But laughing together. Crying together. Hurting together. Feeling together. Being together.

It takes so much courage. Way more courage than it takes to move. Or accomplish. Or acquire. The courage to be. It requires quiet, rest, trust - a total shift of our mindset.

It’s a coming back, to where we are. To the present. To ourselves. To each other. Anywhere else is alone. We’re here. Now. In this day is where all of the beauty and love and community exists. It is also where all of the pain and heartache and failure and Fear is. This is where Life is.

Be. Any other activity is meaningless. Our most powerful and meaningful expression of humanity is right in front of us. It’s never been more available than it is, right now.

Friday July 22, 2016