Friday February 19, 2016

Friday February 19, 2016

The first time I met Jason he was wailing on an electric guitar in front of two huge pedalboards at my church. No, scratch that. I met him as he rushed in to the delivery room and delivered my first son, Jude… I’m not sure which came first, but over the years Heather and I have had the pleasure of knowing both Jasons. ☺️

Jason was a stand-in OB for Heather when we found out we were pregnant with Olivia. We were in the process of moving to Chicago and since we hadn’t moved yet he offered to be our temporary OB until we left. He obviously couldn’t have known what he was signing up for, but in retrospect it’s obvious to us that God inserted Jason into our, and Olivia’s, life at just the right time.

From the day we received the news about Olivia having trisomy 18 until the day she was born, Jason walked with us, calling us, texting us, and crying with us. He just happened to have a sister who had a trisomy 18 baby. What are the chances??

The night Heather’s water broke was the scariest night of our lives. Jason was calling and texting as he drove to the hospital. He was our doctor. He was our surgeon. He was our friend. We knew if Olivia died that night, he was ready to mourn with us. Instead, after an emergency c-section, bright lights, and Olivia silently emerging… horrible seconds of silence… and then a breath… after I held Olivia to Heather’s face and we cried while Jason worked… he was there to celebrate Olivia’s first day of life with us.

Heather and I say all of the time, we don’t know how we would have made it through any of it - the pregnancy, the birth, or the days in the hospital, without Jason.

This is a picture of Jason holding Olivia at her 1yr birthday. What a gift. ❤️