Today we are announcing a very special concert for Saturday, February 22nd, by not only me, but by my wife Heather (her debut songwriter performance!) and my brother-in-law Alec (sharing his second album release as DPCD).

Not only is the line-up special, but for my own part, I will be sharing some brand new songs and also revisiting some of my songs from pre-Olivia — bringing, in a way, my most whole Self to the table.

Not only are the songs special, but the location… the LOCATION!!! The historic Peoria Women’s Club - PWC Building and Music Hall. We’re bringing this concert to you in one of Peoria’s most amazing spaces. I walked through for the first time last week and was so inspired. I’m almost as excited to bring you into this space as I am to bring you into this… space.

And that’s the thing. This music, these musicians, this building, this night is an invitation into a space that is so very special on so many levels.

Please buy tickets today, and bring whoever you can. This is something we may never repeat quite the same again and you will want to be there. And we want you there. ♥️

Tickets are on sale today for $15. See you next Saturday at 7!

DPCD / Nathan Peterson / Heather Peterson

Friday February 14, 2020