So much has been going on in my life lately that progress on an album I’ve been recording w Hi for over a year has slowed to almost a stop. I keep waiting for things to let up so I can dedicate some time to finish, but things aren’t letting up. I was reminded this week that things don’t let up. And "things not letting up" can easily become an excuse for avoiding important (read: “scary”) work. But that’s all it is. An excuse. Ultimately we decide what we’re going to do with the time we’re given. Unfortunately, the easiest and most natural decisions usually lead to a lot of waste. Fortunately, the option to pick up and do something really worth doing remains there, patiently.

I’m dropping everything for the next month to complete this album. I think 2mo from now when it’s finished I’ll wonder why it took me so long to make that decision. I hope this decision works some muscle in the back of my brain and future decisions like this become a much more obvious choice.

I’ll be posting progress throughout each day in the studio on my twitter and on Hello Industry’s twitter. Stay tuned!

Finishing what we started