Life flows like water. 🌊
Water flows where it is least resisted.
How can I be less resistant to life's flow today?

What causes me to be resistant to life’s flow?
I want to feel in control.

I want certain things to happen, or not happen. I want to feel, or not feel, certain things. Eventually, these wants become demands, and my posture shifts from receptivity to bracing, convincing, and making it happen.

I trade life for "my life"β€”a structure of stone, cement, scar-tissue, and other hardened material, impervious to the flow of life which now streams easily around, leaving me parched and rigid.

Does anyone else long to experience life's wild, refreshing flow, even if it means letting go of the predictability and manageability of our carefully crafted structure?

Today we can begin the work of dismantling the structure we call "my life," brick-by-brick, to allow life to flow, not around, but through us once again. πŸ§±β›οΈπŸŒŠ

Experiencing Life's Wild, Refreshing Flow 🌊

Allowing life to flow, not around, but through us once again.