I have an exciting announcement to make…

As of next week, I’ll be transitioning to part-time at Richwoods to more fully pursue the mission of Hello Industry.

This decision is a result of a couple of years of struggling, talking with advisors, talking with my wife Heather, and praying for wisdom. A few weeks ago it all came to a head and I believe God asked me if I really believed in the mission of Hello Industry and if I was willing to take a *real* risk to move it forward. Like, all or nothing.

Hello Industry’s mission is to put meaningful music in the hands of struggling students. We play for more than just students. But at the core, that’s where we feel most helpful in the world. The ultimate picture of success for us is a 16 yr old student, sitting in her car, struggling through depression and suicidal feelings with our music playing the background - like it’s keeping her company through the difficult but important time. I remember being that person, and music was a lifeline for me. I honestly believe I would have ended my life if music didn’t have the impact it had on me. We want to offer the same thing.

So, I’m in - all the way. So is the rest of Hello Industry.

By the end of this month we will have moved into a work space downtown peoria, assembled an incredible board of directors, begun the process of fully incorporating the band, begun a much more aggressive approach to booking shows, and begun a process to approach music distribution differently than any band we’ve seen in the past (hint: people who can’t afford to buy music will still own Hello Industry music - *all* of it).

Here we go!

* Yes, the album is still underway. One song (not telling which one!) is finished - the other 11 are on pause until we can afford it.

** Richwoods will be in better hands, all around, than it’s ever been. The situation there is going to be healthy and will continue to move forward, very quickly. My role will shift toward the things I do best, while handing off the things someone else can do better.

*** Yes, I’m very scared. Scared and excited would be the two best descriptions of my overall mental state over this past month. This isn’t a small or incremental step, but it does feel like the right one. I honestly feel like God is with me. Thanks for asking. :)

**** Most of the credit for this move goes to my wife. She supports me more than any wife of any guy I know.

Exciting Announcement!!!