Or any bass player (I just see this a lot in church players)…

Play with the kick!

I can’t tell you how many bass players I’ve worked with or auditioned who can play scales and licks like there’s no tomorrow but I no idea how to play a song with a drummer.

Obviously there are exceptions to every rule, but for the most part, I’d like to hear the bass player playing the same pattern as the drummer is playing with his kick drum. There’s such an important relationship between the kick and the bass. The bass can give the kick a note. The kick can give the bass punch. Together, they’re amazing. Separately, they can create a mess in the low end and neither one is as powerful as it should be.

Scales are great, but no one’s downloading scales to their iPod. Scales help you play songs. Songs are what’s important. As a musician, you are servant to the song.

Dear Church Bass Player