Made this up this morning. One if the best coffee recipes I’ve tried in 3yrs. Enjoy!


340g water just off boil 24g coarse grind

Use any container you wish for brewing. A French press container without the top can work fine. So can a mason jar.

Pre rinse an aeropress filter and have that ready with another container or 12oz mug.

Pour 100g and swirl so all grounds are wet
Start timer
Pour remaining 240g, stir and cover (I used a plate)
At 2m, stir up grounds sitting on the bottom and re-cover
At 5m, dunk grounds floating in top and skim off anything remaining, then wait 1m
At 6m, carefully pour into rinsed aeropress - don’t pour very end sludgy stuff
Plunge slowly

You should be left with a very fine, thin cake of shiny sludge in your aeropress, and a very clean, complex cup off coffee in your mug. ;)

Try it and let me know how it works for you!