Just a quick reminder to come back.

Your thoughts are not you.
Your thoughts are not reality.
What is, is.
And what is, is only here.

You are here.
You can only be here, where you are.

This is a reminder to come back.
A reminder to be, alive.

You might be tempted to take this invitation as an auxiliary thing. To consider it as a "good idea," but ultimately use it as a means of supporting the life you're trying to make for yourself.

This is not auxiliary; it is foundational. It is not a helpful thing to add to the life you're making for yourself; this is your life.

You are already where your thoughts are trying so hard to take you, yet somehow your thoughts make you feel you'll never get there.

So, come back.
This is where you've been trying to go.

But how?? How do I come back?

Start with your eyes.
Open them.
Look around.
Without judging, see.

Without judging, listen.

With only these two senses, there is an ocean of life, and you are floating in it!

Without changing it, observe your breath. Treat it just like you are treating the sights and sounds.

It’s almost as if these sights, sounds, and breaths were not coming from you.
They're not coming from you.
Can you feel that?
Do you know what that means?

You can let go.

Let go, and come back. Over and over again.

If you’re like me, you will have to let go of your thoughts and come back to your senses (ah!), literally, 5+ times per minute. That's a lot of work. But it's work worth doing. It must be done in order for us to grow in the ways I sense (and I think you may sense it, too) we are ready to grow. So let’s do this work.

And know that as you’re fumbling through this important work today, so am I. ❤️

Come back to where you are

starting with your senses