I came across this chart this morning in my SoundCloud stats and wanted to share my excitement. :) 1.5 million streams of my music in the past 3 years!

1.5M streams in 3 years!

…am I successful yet?

If I’m honest, most days I feel I’m far behind where I “should” be. My impact. My personal growth. My income.

But I’m learning how optional these feelings of failure—or success—can be.

We’re the ones who decide. Because we’re the ones who define "failure" and "success."

Who chose the goals you feel you're not reaching?

This presents a crazy opportunity—one that is immediately available and can fundamentally change our experience of life...

I can have millions in the bank and feel behind—like a complete failure; I can have nothing in the bank and feel like an absolute success.

Not every human on this earth even has a bank account.
Or a career.
Or facebook.

The metrics we choose (or the ones chosen for us), and the goals we set for these metrics (or the ones chosen for us) are completely arbitrary!

And they're completely up to us. We can choose.

I’ve been asking myself lately: if this is true—that my feeling of “success” or “failure” is completely up to me, not contingent on any outside circumstance—why not just choose to enjoy this illusive feeling of "success" I've been chasing my whole life?

This is the immediate opportunity: today—with all our metrics just where they are—we can choose to believe the truth that transcends all of these arbitrary metrics.

You are a success.

Like, the actual person of you.


You’re successfully alive. Successfully constructed. You have arms and legs and a beating heart. You're finished. Complete. Success!

Successful is just who—what—you are.

It’s not really even something to be very proud of. I mean, you didn’t do anything. You just are.

But I think it's okay to take a little pride in being a beautiful, smashing success. :)

I’ve loved hearing your thoughts lately. Please keep sending them!


Celebrating 1.5M 🎉

...am I successful yet?