This fall, after 10 years on staff, I’ll be stepping down from my position at Richwoods Christian Church. To be clear, Richwoods has initiated the change. But there is no scandal, no moral failure or falling out. We’re on good terms. I still love and support my church and am excited to see them grow without me. Heather and I plan to continue attending Richwoods as our home church.

This was the final nudge I needed. So…

This fall I’ll be pursing the mission of Hello Industry, putting meaningful music in the hands of struggling students, full time. Both feet. No safety net.

I’m scared to death. And I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t have literally the most supportive wife any man has ever had. This is clearly the path we’re supposed to walk. And we’d rather walk the right path than an easy one. So here we go.

Exciting, and scary, days ahead. But I suppose any work worth doing is.

Big Announcement