The last few years have been a crazy time of change for our family. While much of the time we’ve felt out of control, we’ve had an overarching sense of peace - like everything was “on track”, that this was all part of the plan, and that our job in this was to let go, let the current take us, and learn to rest in that current. For me personally, it’s been about the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do - to force myself to stay still - to favor listening over making things happen. If you know me, you understand. But while it’s been hard, these years have been the best years of my life. If I’ve learned nothing else, I’ve at least learned to give up the ridiculous notion than there’s any direct correlation between this world’s definition of “success” and true progress (I’ll go into it in another post).

So the news. We believe the next step for our family and for Hello Industry requires us to move from our home in Peoria and situate ourselves in an apartment in Chicago. Heather and I are from Chicago, but neither of us thought we’d live there again. Actually, somewhere along the line Peoria became “home” to us. Our family and friends are here. Rather than moving “back to Chicago” this feels more like moving away from Peoria. So we’ve got mixed emotions. We’re excited because we know this is the next step. Our family is entering a new chapter and Hello Industry is going to benefit from operating out of a city like Chicago. But we’ll miss our friends.

We’re excited and we’re sad. But beneath our emotions, we hear a voice whispering, “this is the way”. We have to follow!

Peoria friends and Richwoods family- Thank you for 10 years of true friendship and grace. In this community we became parents. We grew our family. I learned to be a pastor and a leader. We built Hello Industry. We made 4 albums. We made so many mistakes. On the shoulders of this community we began a journey toward our true selves - a journey which now takes us somewhere new. And while we’re leaving Peoria, we’ll need the support of this community more than ever. We’re standing in front of a mountain, and there’s no way we can do this alone.

The end of one thing is always the beginning of another. God, help us to rest in the current.

A New Chapter