Most of the books I’m reading and lessons I’m learning lately can be boiled down to these 5 things. They may seem simple to you, but right now they’re profound to me.

  1. Identify what’s really important.
  2. Stop doing the other stuff (the busy-work you use to avoid the real possibility that you’ll fail if you do any real work).
  3. Do the important things instead.
  4. Give yourself space in your life to think about what’s important and to prioritize. You don’t have space because you’re threatened by it, so you avoid it at all costs. The result: You don’t have time to think, to learn who you are, to prioritize what’s important, or to evaluate how you’re doing. You’re running blindfolded through life until you hit the finish and realize you missed the entire thing.
  5. In order to do #1–4, you have to get over yourself. You’re not that great and you’re not that terrible. And even if you were, it doesn’t matter. Your life isn’t a drama. You’re not the main character. No one’s holding their breath to see what you do. You’re part of someone else’s story. You’re part of everyone else’s story. You must stop disconnecting yourself from the rest of humanity to go off and prove that you’re unique. You are unique and you are valuable - but that was never in question. You must stop spending your life trying to prove something that’s already true. Instead spend it living out who you are - for God’s sake and for the sake of the rest of the people in the story.

5 Lessons I'm Learning